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Children ministry have been with the Coimbatore diocese ever since its beginning, it has been a cherishing ministry from the day one till now. Children ministry have gained its divinity and became an individual working department with a tree roots from the Convener, the Director and its workers. It have been widened till Nilgri,Tiruppur,Salem,Coimbatore and Erode over a period of time. Our main moto is MARK 10:16, with the accordance of those verses children ministry started its career to build the kids with Christ’s blessings. Ecclesiastes 11:1 – with the inducement of the above stated verse, we train and enrich the children’s biblical knowledge, to show the path of righteousness and to build a better foundation for the future pillars of the churches.

The very first children ministry worker was REV.Pauljayasingh Das. First convener and Director was Rev.Princebiter with these strong basements and added flavours of prayers and blessings children ministry was built brick by brick. Now it is working under the governance of a Convener, a Director and 9 Children Ministry workers.

Our Committees

Committee Chairman

Rt.Rev. Timothy Ravinder
Bishop In Coimbatore
Our Members

Our Members


Area Members

Rev. C. Jeri Rajkumar - Nilgiris
Rev. Babu Joshua - Coimbatore
Mr. Arul Praveen - Coimbatore
Mrs. Gethzi Rajkumar - Coimbatore
Rev. Yosabhath Chimmer Honey - Tirupur
Rev. D. Samuvel Prabakaran - Erode
Mrs. Jancy Miranda - Erode
Mr. Nelson Cornelius - Salem
Mr. Yagavelu - Erode

Area Workers

Mr. M. Vinoth Cedrik - Nilgiri Area

Mr. M. Abraham - Coimbatore Area

Mr.R.Charly Prabhu - Coimbatore Area

Mr.V.Aravindan - Tirupur Area

Mr.V.Joshuva Franklin - Erode Area

Mr. R. Brolin Danny - Erode Area

Mr.M.Jayan - Salem Area

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